Apex Accounting LLC
Apex Accounting LLC

    Every business is unique in their accounting needs and we offer custom solutions for every client. Engagements start with a review of current accounting records and an in-depth discussion to determine the scope of work needed.  We partner with various payroll providers so our clients may select the best option for their payroll processing needs.

    FLAT RATE FEES - We charge a flat monthly fee to our clients to make it easy for them to budget their accounting costs.  The rate is determined once we understand the amount of work needed and will cover the time to maintain the books and any payroll and local tax filing requirements.  Our fees also include a QuickBooks Online company account subscription and monthly financial statement package. 

    CLEANUP PROJECTS - We have extensive experience in accounting cleanup projects.  Cleanup projects are charged an hourly rate and require a retainer before work begins. 

    ADDITIONAL FEES - Additional fees may be charged separately to cover costs associated with some services.  Payroll processing costs will be charged to the client and can vary based on the number of employees each period.