Apex Accounting LLC
Apex Accounting LLC

    Principal Accountant, Kelly Fitzgerald, brings years of public accounting, contract controller, and QuickBooks experience to Apex Accounting LLC.  Working in audit, tax, and small business consulting roles created a unique blend of skills that help identify various business issues and allows for a "whole picture" perspective when it comes to client businesses. 


    In-depth understanding of fundamental accounting principals is the foundation of our services.  We can identify issues within client books and get them corrected so our clients have accurate and compliant financials.  We go beyond basic bookkeeping and help clients understand what their financial statements mean and provide the data needed to make informed business decisions.


    We believe the quality of accounting records directly affects the success of a business.  Years of helping clients has revealed many businesses are not receiving adequate accounting services.  We don't over schedule work so we can properly serve every client we engage.  We provide them with incredible service and the timely information they need to grow. 


    We are proud to serve clients across multiple industries.  Clients we serve are service based, technology, retail sales, medical, restaurants, real estate development, financial and investment firms, and nonprofit entities.  We also serve a variety of individual clients, including business owners and high-net-worth individuals, who are seeking to organize their finances.


    Locally owned, small businesses are vital to our economy.  They produce jobs and contribute needed goods and services to their communities.  These small businesses are the ones most in need of affordable and accurate accounting services.  When we provide our high quality services, we aid in the continued growth of local economies and community.


    We utilize available software and technologies available to operate remotely and almost entirely paperless.  This creates a smooth process for clients and limits the time they need to spend on their "back office" items.  Emphasizing paperless systems is an easy way to stay organized, connected, and timely with clients.  Plus, it helps reduce environmental waste.